Skills And Drills

Skills & Drills

Katy Hustle is proud to now offer Skills & Drills, a fun but focused skills training program where athletes will improve their basketball fundamentals. Whether you’re brand new to the game of basketball or you’re an experienced player, Katy Hustle Skills & Drills gives you an opportunity to improve your basketball skills while having fun and making friends in a positive and encouraging environment.  If you accept the challenge and dedicate your time and effort, you will start to see improvement and eventually become the best basketball player you can be while building leadership and confidence both on and off the court. Join Katy Hustle Skills & Drills and start your journey today.

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Skills & Drills

Our K-3rd basketball Training Class is focused on teaching young athletes the introductory fundamentals to play and body movement. Programming will consist of exercises and activities that focus on basic athletic skills such as running, stopping, jumping, throwing and catching. Athletes must have these basic skills to progress to basketball fundamentals. It is also imperative at this age that athletes start to learn fundamentals of team play. There will be basketball-specific activities as well as non-basketball activities that incorporate working together, handling objection and deductive reasoning.

4th - 8th Grade Skills & Drills

Athletes in grades 4-8 are given information to improve their basketball IQ and their game that is applied, implemented and worked on as often as possible to create habit and instinct in basketball functions. There are up to 40 athletes in a session, so a very common talking point is to “compete not compare” and that competition is both individual and within the group. Athletes are constantly reminded that their individual improvement is based on their work ethic and attitude, not the athlete next to them.