Katy Basketball Training

Katy Hustle would like to be the home for all of your basketball development and performance enhancement needs. Katy Hustle Basketball wants players to understand that basketball development is a process. Basketball skills do not develop overnight. You must continue to develop your game on your own time to see noticeable improvement. Katy Hustle Basketball will give you the tools to do just that.

Open basketball training workouts will be held separately for each level. Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College/Pro. Players will then be grouped into basketball training sessions depending on overall ability, effort, and accountability that is displayed during basketball training workouts.

Fundamental Training

Basketball training with an emphasis on ball handling, passing, and shooting. 70% of the basketball training will cover individual fundamental training and 30% of the basketball training will be spent on competitive game play with 1 on 1 up to 3 on 3 competitions.

  1. Fundamental Training 70%
  2. Game Play 30%

Select Training

Basketball training with an emphasis on dribble moves, game shots, footwork, attention to detail, use of imagination, and understanding the WHY behind each skill taught. 60% of training will be individual basketball skill work while 40% of the time will be competitive game play. Competitions will be heavily focused on teaching players how to play with and without the basketball. Athletic performance training (strength, speed, agility, and quickness) is included.

  1. Basketball Skill 60%
  2. Game Play 40%

Elite Training

Basketball training with an emphasis on all basketball skills being transferred over to game like situations. The basketball training shifts heavily to competitive game play. All skills covered will be broken down in drill form and be expected to be executed with live defense. Elite level training will require players to transition from playing the game to reacting to the game. Athletic performance training (strength, vertical, speed, agility, quickness, and explosiveness) is included.

  1. Performance Training 100%

Shooting Lab

Shooting labs are a great way to become a solid shooter!
* Semi-Private Shooting Instruction
* Optimize your Shooting

Team Training

Get team training for your school, club, or AAU team. Bring your team to the HQ or we will come to your gym.
*Rates and schedule to be arranged per your needs.
*Contact Brandon Christy at 618-334-9096
*Schedule based on availability and packages available.

Private/Personal Training

One on One Instruction: $75 per hour
Personal Training Custom 1-hour Session: 3-5 Players $35 per player