Katy Hustle Basketball Training

Katy Hustle would like to be the home for all of your basketball development and performance enhancement needs. Katy Hustle Basketball wants players to understand that basketball development is a process. Basketball skills do not develop overnight. You must continue to develop your game on your own time to see noticeable improvement. Katy Hustle Basketball will give you the tools to do just that.



Building Character, Leadership, and Life Skills Through a Specialized Curriculum

Katy Hustle is a premier basketball program in the Katy, TX area. For over 10 years, Katy Hustle has been an excellent basketball program for youth basketball teams at all levels. Starting in February 2020, Katy Hustle will now offer Basketball Skill Development using the training tools from Basketball Training Systems. Founded by former NBA player Larry Hughes, Basketball Training Systems provides basketball training tools, skill development, basketball education, and leadership opportunities for young athletes, girls and boys, grades K-8 of all skill levels. Membership development includes ongoing evaluation and feedback to acquire specific skills and strength and conditioning protocols to best fit each player’s needs.

We believe basketball development will improve a young athlete’s basketball IQ, ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, and footwork along with your balance, coordination, flexibility, and reaction speed.

Our curriculum is designed to build a deep mastery of the skills needed to be successful in the game of basketball and in the game of life.


We believe the success of every athlete lies in the development of fundamental skills.  The old adage of “the construction of a house starts with a solid foundation” is central to our beliefs. All too often, the basketball culture focuses on number of games played, tournaments won, etc., but fails to understand that the core development of a player does not happen in team play or team practices, but in the time focused on individual skill work and then translating those skills into game play.  While we see the importance of and the fun associated with team competition, skill development is an equally important aspect of the game, and we are proud to offer the program to Katy Hustle athletes.

Skills & Drills

Katy Hustle is proud to announce that it will be offering Skills & Drills programming, which is year-round training for athletes of all ages to practice their basketball skills and improve their game. Regular Skills & Drills training will focus on athletes’ passing, shooting, ball handling, and defense. We also focus on character development, delivering weekly messages to our athletes to become the best person that they can be on and off the court.

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Kindergarten – 3rd Grade Skills & Drills

Our K-3rd basketball Training Class is focused on teaching young athletes the introductory fundamentals to play and body movement. Programming will consist of exercises and activities that focus on basic athletic skills such as running, stopping, jumping, throwing and catching. Athletes must have these basic skills to progress to basketball fundamentals. It is also imperative at this age that athletes start to learn fundamentals of team play. There will be basketball-specific activities as well as non-basketball activities that incorporate working together, handling objection and deductive reasoning. Sign up Below!

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4th – 8th Grade Skills & Drills

Athletes in grades 4-8 are given information to improve their basketball IQ and their game that is applied, implemented and worked on as often as possible to create habit and instinct in basketball functions. There are up to 40 athletes in a session, so a very common talking point is to “compete not compare” and that competition is both individual and within the group. Athletes are constantly reminded that their individual improvement is based on their work ethic and attitude, not the athlete next to them. Sign Up Below!

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Shooting Lab

Shooting labs are a great way to become a solid shooter!
* Semi-Private Shooting Instruction
* Optimize your Shooting


Private/Personal Training

One on One Instruction: $75 per hour
Personal Training Custom 1-hour Session: 3-5 Players $35 per player